Logo Department

We will design and manufacture excellent ties and neckerchiefs with your logo or any other pattern of your choice. Such orders are handled by our Logo Department which will carry out even the most unusual projects.

When ordering custom ties with logo, you can freely choose colours and graphic designs. In other words, we will fulfil wishes of those Clients who already have their own ideas, and we can also help Clients to select ties from our collection and make necessary adjustments to match their requirements.

All Collection Adam custom-woven ties may come with or without the stain proof Ink-Test surface (search for: Ink-Test).

We prepare an individual quote for each customer inquiry.

We offer over 70,000 jacquard polyester and silk polyester ties on a regular basis. In addition, we offer:  

  • Jacquard silk ties
  • Polyester jacquard ties
  • Silk ties under the label
  • Custom-made ties, e.g. with corporate logos
  • Ties from our collection, with brand-name label
  • Women’s ties
  • Panel ties
  • Winter scarves under the Collection Adam labels
  • Hand-painted silk neckerchiefs
  • Neckerchiefs with professionally printed (matrix-based) logo
  • Company labels
  • Packages (with or without a logo)
  • Cummerbunds for dinner jackets (tuxedos)
  • Bow ties (with straps or other fastenings)

Our products include:

1. ties with a custom-woven logo with patterns of your choice,

2. ties and neckerchiefs from our current collection, with a label and/or packaging box,

3. identical ties with the same pattern of your choice, manufactured in any required quantity,

4. neckerchiefs with a professionally printed logo.

5. other innovative products such as women’s ties etc.

Option 1

We fulfil wishes of those Clients who already know what their ties should look like but we can also help Clients to select ties from our collection and make the required adjustments. In the latter case, when a specific pattern is selected, the Client may freely change the colours of threads or graphic details in the selected pattern. The logo is made professionally, i.e. custom-woven into the fabric in a single manufacturing process.

Sample photo:
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Option 2

We offer an impressive selection of ties and neckerchiefs with a variety of patterns and colours. You can choose from ties in jacquard silk or jacquard polyester. Upon your request we will attach custom-made labels, computer-embroidered patterns or custom-printed patterns on ties and/or packaging boxes.

Sample photo:

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Option 3

Clients can choose a particular model (or models) from our collection and have it manufactured in any required quantity. If you seek a special effect and want the tie to be immediately associated with a product or visual corporate identity, we can select fabrics (and change the sort of fabric in jacquard products, e.g. polyester into silk) and colours to meet your requirements.

Option 4

Those neckerchiefs are made with printing matrixes. Each colour is printed with a separate matrix, which results in very high quality of print. With this techniques, there are unlimited options of patterns and a very wide selection of colours for your neckerchiefs. This means you can have neckerchiefs with any pattern and colour set of your choice without compromising on quality.

Sample photo:

logo 5 200

We would be delighted to be able to work for you.

Should you have any questions, please contact our Logo Department as we prepare an individual quote for each customer inquiry.

Mr. Michał Żurawski         
+48 500 283 653